Lessing Marathon Carriage with RAD Horse size (single & pair)

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Available now in CA! For single and pair. Lessing “Futura” with “RAD” (has a unique, articulating rear-end by way of a second fifth wheel) for incredible maneuverability in the obstacles. For a single, large horse or a pair of smaller horses, this is a very stable carriage that follows directly in it’s own tracks. No need to worry about hitting the posts! It has a special suspension package for a smoother ride.

Also has a set of pneumatic tires (pictured) on steel wheels for training and use in deeper footing or rough terrain, full set of steel wheels with hard rubber tires plus two spare wheels.

This carriage has two seats up front. The passenger seat can be flipped up and fastened to the side bar and the driver’s wedge seat can be moved to the center position. We weighed this carriage in at 494 lbs. (225 KG). Roomy navigator platform and soft cushioned pads over wheel wells.

Has removable and adjustable stainless steel shafts, front and rear stainless disc brakes, independent suspension makes this is a very comfortable carriage to drive. Pole for a pair….too many features to list here. Total price including all the extra options. SEE ADDITIONAL PHOTOS. SAVE $1,000.00 for the Holidays!

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