Ergonomic Marathon Carriage

  ergonomic marathon carriage
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The NEW “ERGONOMIC” marathon carriage for a single large horse or a pair of horses.This amazing carriage is loaded with features like super comfortable 4 wheel air suspension, extra suspension between front axle and frame, comes with shafts and a pole. Weight is 770 lbs.

  • Front wheels are 33 1/4 inches
  • Rear wheels are 29 1/4 inches ( slanted).
  • width of rubber thread 2 inches with grooves.
  • Delayed steering (on and off)
  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • 5th wheel brake (with pedal and also side wheel for navigator with meter)
  • Two Foot rests
  • Map holder on the back
  • extra groom/navigator step (removable)
  • Comes with a black pole and shafts. (Stainless steel shafts may be special ordered)

Track width is 126cm Wheels are: 85cm front and 75cm rear and 50mm wide

  • 14 round spokes
  • quick change hub system
  • back wheels are sloped
  • rubber tires have 2 small channels
  • wheels are stainless steel
  • Bosch brake system, front and rear
  • Hydraulic parking brake
  • Rough-out leather seat and a storage cover
  • Delayed steering
  • Hydraulic turntable brake, pedal + wheel
  • Equipment for 2 and 4 horses
  • paint: RAL1018, no pin stripping
  • Speedometer
  • 2 stopwatches
  • Removable groom step
  • Stainless steel perimeter rail
  • Air suspension

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Price: $12750.00

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