Doe Run Convertible Carriage (by order)



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A convertible single carriage in Marathon mode or presentation mode (customer’s choice). This carriage is capable of converting to a pair vehicle when and if the pole assembly is purchased. (Pole assembly is sold separately.) The single vehicle will meet all current FEI requirements for combined driving for single pony/single horse class for which it is manufactured. The vehicle in the pair configuration will not be FEI compliant for combined driving.

The Doe Run will serve all your needs from pleasure drives to navigating through the most demanding marathon hazards as safely and efficiently as possibly. It is also an elegant, presentation vehicle for dressage. The easy convertibility of the carriage from Marathon mode to Presentation mode eliminates the need to buy and transport two carriages to a show; one Doe Run Carriage will do it all! The smooth, comfortable ride of the Doe Run not only feels good, but also, substantially improves performance. Available in both single or pair for large ponies or horses. Options include natural varnished wood or powder coating in a variety of colors, patent-leather dash and fenders and on presentation shafts, upholstery fabric and colors, wagonette seats, Dickey seat, wedge seat, lamp brackets, brake options, single-to-pair convertible frame, delayed steering and marathon “wings”. MADE IN AMERICA. All prices are FOB the factory in Philadelphia. Prices are subject to change without notice.

We have a lightly used single pony version in stock now.


Price: $9950.00

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